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Lent… Yes, it’s that time of year again; but what should you give up? It’s a toughie.

40 days is a long time – so its important to choose something which is sustainable with perseverance!


Some of the most common things to give up for Lent are:

  • Giving up sweets
  • Not using any social media
  • Becoming vegetarian
  • Sleeping in a bed
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Eating with utensils
  • Using cards to pay for items (cash only)

I can’t remember ever giving up something for the entirety of Lent, I think I may have given up Facebook for 3 weeks and then caved in.  Alcohol is clearly an obvious choice, although I’m not sure I could cope with that either.  I’m already a pescetarian, so cutting out meat isn’t even an option.

I think I’ve narrowed down a few things which I’m going to try and omit from my life for Lent; whether they will last or not is unforeseen…

  • Online shopping (I like to shop impulsively…)
  • Photos of myself on Facebook (no one needs to see my face that much)
  • Straightening my hair (it’s naturally curly)
  • Fizzy drinks except for soda (I love Red Bull & Diet Coke </3)
  • Dairy products (to be replaced by soya & Ca tablets)
  • Buying coffee or lunch out

OK so there are a few to get me started.  All mainly based on my health, productivity and bank balance…

I also plan to make a memento of the period of sacrifice, which will reveal itself at the end of Lent (cue pre-thought-up blog post)!  To fuel some ideas of your own, I found this blog post which is sure to give you some ideas of what you might be willing to give up for Lent.