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The other day I discovered that one of my friends at University had never been to Camden Passage in Angel, Islington.  I wasn’t shocked, but more surprised that he’d never sampled the delights that it has to offer.  A quick fly-past tour was given, and iconic staples were pointed out to him.

After realising that not everyone is aware that this hidden passage of antiques, coffee shops & eateries exists I thought I’d showcase the place giving you an overview of my favourite places there.

As you approach the passage, you are greeted by a lovely old fashioned pub called The York.

During the summer there is always a wrestle to grab an outside table, and people tend to sprawl onto the stone steps and pavement with their ice cold ciders.  This is a great pit-stop in itself if you fancy a pint in Angel; it is also moments away from the canal, which also gets exploited by students and residents alike during the summer months.

Deviating from the main street, ahead you can see a narrow passage filled with people and antiques…

Asides from the wonderful treasures you can find here on a Wednesday or Saturday when the antique stalls open in full force; there are also some brilliant kitsch places to eat here too.

The first one you come to along the passage is Frae (mentioned in my previous posts), selling beautifully organic frozen yoghurt.  This place is never too busy, so you can nip in and out in a flash.  Good to know about when you need your fro-yo fix, and minutes walk from the main shops of Angel.

Then, we come to the bright yellow box which is loved by everyone in Angel – probably the worst kept secret actually: The Breakfast Club.  This iconic eatery has people queuing around the corner on Saturday and Sunday mornings; waiting in excess of an hour just to eat here.

To be honest, the food here is amazing.  They serve breakfast in every possible way you could imagine & their super healthy smoothies are to die for.  Especially if you’re hungover!

Carrying on down the passage you’ll see a neatly placed Austrian café called Kipferl.  Kipferl oozes that European, almost Germanic sense of design and food it has to offer.  Serving würst galore, homemade pastries, and great coffee the menu is translated in Austrian and English; again giving it a rather authentic feel. It functions as a typical café in the front section, and then giving diners a more formal feel for dining in the back with lunch menus available.

With free WIFI available I’ve found this place to be a great retreat if you fancy something other than your usual Starbucks!

Not only do I appreciate Camden Passage for it’s eateries, but I always ravish the trips into the many vintage boutiques it has to offer.  If not purely for fulfilling my inquisitive nature, I love looking at all the old fur coats, worn out briefcases & accessories on display.  To me it feels like a massive fancy dress experience, only with a fairly expensive price tag.  You can find some hidden gems in the vintage shops, and some very interesting people inside!

So, I hope this has given you some ideas as to what to investigate when you’re next in Angel, Islington.  You could easily and happily spend an afternoon within Camden Passage itself, situated less than a mile from Angel tube & the same again for down by the canal.

It really is the best hidden away retreat for alternative shoppers in the borough.